Saturday, 19 November 2011

Tour of Bright Preperation

After struggling up the last climb in Dargo and walking, the one thing to help my Tour of Bright campaign is to increase my climbing and the more, the better. This meant more time on the usual suspects in the Dandenong's and trying the two longer climbs below for the first time. Next year if I plan on doing Tour of Bright again, I definitely plan to do one of the lead up camps which unfortunately I didn't get a chance to complete this year. For great detail write up on the climbs and most importantly the official start/finish points (to help time yourself for Strava), visit the Climbing Cyclist. Always bring a warm jacket as the temperatures vary around 10-15degC from top to bottom and descent is always cool. Plus always bring plenty of food and water and spares in case something happens as there is not a huge amount of traffic at times and phone reception can be non existent.  

Lake Mountain - 20.5km, 992m at 4.5% ( x 2)

Lake Mountain is a great ride. The first 4km's is the toughest part requiring some quite a bit out of saddle work to get the job down quickly. But once this is over, the rest of the ride is easy sitting at the 4-5% allowing a nice steady rhythm with a couple of flat areas to recover on and even a small downhill section approaching the turn off. The first half of the descent is very smooth with nice flowing corners and be careful of the last k's back in Marysville which can be very quick due to the steep gradients.

Mount Donna Buang - 16.9km, 1001m at 6.5% (x 2)

Even though it is over 3k's shorter than Lake Mountain, it climbs the same vertical height with a steeper and very constant gradient making it in my opinion harder as there is no reprieve. The last km approaching the summit is by the far the hardest at around 8% making it a tough finish that seems to go on forever and ever and ever (destroying hopes of a quick top 20 Strava time). Again, the descent is quick and flowing making it a lot of fun to come down but be careful, I came across a motorbike accident with his bike well of into the trees and he was lucky to walk away.

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