Saturday, 19 February 2011

Another week, slow but sure progression. SKCC D Grade Crit, South Melbourne.

After another decent week of training, I felt slightly confident entering another D grade SKCC South Melbourne criterium. After a windy 60km ride down beach road yesterday, my legs had recovered and I was raring to go. 10 minutes into the race, I was feeling good and moved to the front to try and get into a breakaway - if only these ever succeeded into D grade. Nothing stuck, but the pace of the race had increased and their were some early victims. Even though these are unlikely to stick, there were a few people starting to work together in the hope that one may finally stick. Today wasn't the day.

Resting up at in the pack, I was ready for the final 3 laps and a fast sprint finish. Recently, I have started to focus on my sprinting skills. The one thing I learned in Adelaide from 'Dasher' Dove (former Austral & Melbourne to Warrnambool winner), is that everyone is a sprinter and to practice my 3 sprints out and 3 back. As the jostle for position started, I had found a great wheel 2 laps to go but managed to lose it after the leaders decided to cut the pace and I was stuck in the middle. 1 lap to, I gave it my all and fought hard to get back in contention overtaking a few riders before the last corner. Sprinting to the finish, I managed to roll through 5th with a gap behind me.

Overall, I was happy to crack the top ten for the first time in a large field and started to feel a bit more confident in my abilities. Next time I race, I be aiming for a place.

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