Saturday, 20 August 2011

Casey Fields - C Grade 6th

Today  I opted to give Casey Fields a go for the first time. I have heard mixed things about the dedicated criterium course but in general it was all positive except for the wind, I have heard it being called Windy Fields. The three main benefits of choosing the criterium today over a road race was firstly a sleep in (plus breakfast out to keep the missus happy), secondly a lot shorter drive (didn't need to drive out past woop woop for the Northern Combine) & finally it only only lasted an hour ( I am still sick with no voice). As with all criteriums, the pace was on in the first 10 minutes until it relaxed shedding any riders not ready for C grade. There was a few break away attempts through out the day (including a few by myself), but due to the windy conditions it made it extremely difficulty and the race was to be decided by a sprint.

On the second last lap I was on the front and starting to overtake B grade until they suddenly shot off like a rocket, just to be passed by us on the next lap. The last lap had a average speed of  43km/h and I was in a good position on the back of the Melbourne Uni lead out train, Unforgettably I didn't have enough closing speed to come around any body on the way to finish rolling through 6th. Overall it was a great circuit with smooth corners, smooth surface and no gutters which made it great for racing. The windy conditions made it hard work up the back so I chose to put myself consistently in the top 10 even though it meant occasional turns on the front. I will be back with the goal of setting up a breakaway for the win. Who wants to come with me?

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