Friday, 26 August 2011

The 'nongs - Round 1

Since I have committed to race two Cycling Victoria events later in the year, it was time to head to the hills to get some training in and give racing a miss for once (it was a sprint based point competition anyway). The two big events I have highlighted for myself are the Tour of Bright (ToB) and the Stratford, both contain significant climbs. As I am still recovering from illness, I was happy climbing the 1:20 twice and the Wall once with a few descents in bewteen. According to Strava, completing these 3 Cat. 3 climbs totalled 1100m vertical climbing. I have a King Lake ride planned coming up but will be back to the 'nongs in a few weeks to really attack the 1:20 with the aim for a 16min time.

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