Friday, 2 September 2011

National Boluie C Grade - 5th

Today was my first time racing at National Boulevard in Campbellfield and boy was it windy. Riding the course before the race showed that the surface was nice and smooth with nice corners and only one intersection. Winds were up to 40km/h which mean it was quick down the main street but the pace up the back was closer to a snails. Conditions were not going to be favorable for a small breakaway but it is always worth a try. Photos can be found here and yes I was going way too fast for the camera too focus.

Early on there was a man solo off the front but the pack kept him in site and slowly wound him in over a number of laps. After that it all settled down and was almost getting a little boring. I was sitting protected near the back when suddenly, a decent break was starting to form and a gap beginning to open so I put my head down and made it across. To my surprise no one was on my wheel and there was 6 of us away. I tried to work especially hard on the front as good training for future events knowing full well this would hurt me in the final sprint. Most people were working with only one or two riders sitting on and we were able to stay away.

As the bell went signaling the final lap, I was unfortunately on the front and decided I might as well have a early crack and make the others work to catch me. Suddenly another rider shot past and it was on all the way to the line. Around the last corner, I had unfortunately had already spent to much energy and there was not enough left in my legs for the final kick managing to roll over the line in 5th place. I felt strong overall and it is only a matter of time until I sort my timing and get on the podium.

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