Sunday, 11 September 2011

King Lake 2011 - The worst day of riding is better than the best day of work

Today was one of those rides which was just great to finish. It was cold, windy, raining and I think it even hailed at one point. The first and major climb is designated as a Category 2 on Strava gaining 350 vertical meters over 7.3kilometers. I gave it a solid attempt averaging 19km/h but was no where near Will Walker's attempt. But, I will be back with some more training to give it another crack later in the year. Resting at the top of the first climb waiting for the bunch to regroup, I realised I was soaked through and shivering. After a quick snack and drink, it was time to get back on the bike. 

The weather didn't let up at all with the rain streaming down making for a very cautious descent on my behalf. A little further on I was thinking that we had made the wrong decision continuing with the full ride and from what I hear, quite a few of 120km riders opted out and took shortcut home. The next 40km's were uneventful with a strong wind appearing as the rain disappeared but the road remained wet. The sun finally poked its head out making the final few category 4 climbs a little more pleasant and by the time I finally started the descent into Whittlesea, I was relieved and finally starting to dry out.
Crossing the line on the four hour mark, I personally gained myself 30min over my previous and first attempt last year. From there, it was into a set of dry clothes and off to the pub for a parma and a beer. Overall, the King Lake ride was a success with the weather throwing in additional challenges making it a tough day in the saddle and I was glad to get the job done. Now to clean all the muck off the bike..........

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