Saturday, 10 September 2011

My prep for a big ride - King Lake

Tonight I am preparing for a big ride at King Lake early tomorrow morning. Having completed a number of larger rides and races I have got better at preparing which makes the day a lot more enjoyable and the ride a lot easier. The list is solely based on my experiences and hear say and may not contain any actual benefit:

The Day Before
  • A easy (E1) coffee ride of 40k's down Beach Rd. This helps loosen the legs without wearing them out. They key here is letting all the other riders go past and not engage in any activity that raises the heart rate too high (this is hard, I have to think about future pain I will cause my friends)
  • A big dinner of pasta with a only a can or so of scotch and coke
  • A early night 
  • A final check and clean of the bike (if my tires are old and the ride is important, I may even put a new set of rubber on and relegate the old tires to my training bike)
  • Additionally, I lay out all my kit so I can just basically get up and go in the morning 
The Day of the Ride 
  • A decent breakfast of carbs that are easily digestible and a caffeine fix to assist the early start
  • On the way there, I have bidden of sports drink and a muesli bar to top up the tank 
  • A hydration plan of 1 bidden per hour of riding. I normally carry 1 of sports drink and 1 of plain water
  • Plenty of food that you have tried before. I prefer muesli bars and the occasional gel or lollies. I have tried multiple products and there is nothing worse than a dry sports bar that is hard to get down and when the pace picks up.
  • Clothes are important and the more layers the better especially if the ride is long and there is a chance of rain. Rain jackets, arm & leg warmers, under shirt and sometimes double knicks are recommended.
After the ride 
  • I normally smash lots of food and water to assist recovery. But sometimes to celebrate I may have a beer but I do not condone this practice especially if your driving. 
  • If it is a really big ride, there is nothing better than a afternoon nap and some couch time with your legs elevated followed by more scotch and cokes 

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