Saturday, 10 December 2011

Coburg National Boluie and SKCC Crits - B Grade

Saturday - Coburg National Boulevard
Saturday riding out to National Boulevard there was a strong head wind meaning a nice tail wind down the main straight and a head wind up the back. This being only my 2nd time racing the circuit and identical conditions (where a break stuck), allowed hope for a non-sprinter. Not to long in, a rider jumped clear and as I was feeling good, I jumped around the top corner making it across. As I did my turn and flicked my arm, my co-breaker mentioned he did not want to ride into the wind. ?!$@? Why did he initiate a break? Two more riders joined, giving me hope of having someone to work with, but the group would not work together and it was all over with the pack chasing up down. The rest of the race had plenty of other attempts but non stuck. On the last lap, I moved up the field but ran out of legs around the top corner finishing with the bunch.

Sunday - SKCC South Melbourne - Pics here

Numbers were significantly down today with early morning rain and wind (less than Saturday). Luckily enough the rain had cleared and the track was dry as we set off. The aim of the day was to keep the pace high and not let it come down to a bunch sprint. I got on the front early to help drive the pace before the attacks came thick and fast. With team mates up the road each time, I could sit in and hope for some shelter but due to the pace line formation and wind, it was fairly tough taking its toll on the peloton making it a short day for some riders. A decent break occurred and a number of riders started disappearing up the road. I was content sitting in the bunch until I looked around and realised that most the bunch was gone (in either direction). I tried to gun it and bridge the gap but it was too late. I fell back in with the remaining riders and started rolling turns as more riders disappeared leaving 4. This was sadly how it stayed until the end, we continued to roll steady turns but the gap remained and it was time to go home.

 (On the front passing D grade )

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  1. I lolled at the story of a rider not wanting to ride into the wind. A bike racer that does not make!