Saturday, 17 December 2011

Coburg National Boluie and SKCC Crits - B Grade (Take 2)

Coburg Saturday 

Same deal as last week, ride - race - ride totaling a solid 100km for the day. Jesse (also Team Canard) was basically in every break, so I was able to just sit in near at the front and hope for a opportunity to bridge the gap. I made it half way across in one of the early breaks but the bunch caught me and also the break (I may have dragged the bunch across on my wheel). The last break was set to stick and I got in a good position for the last lap but hit the front too early and got passed around the top corner. I didn't contest the sprint and rolled through in the bunch. As usual we all rolled back to Freshman's for coffees and cakes (plural, not singular).

SKCC Sunday Pictures here
I was on the front as the first small break got reeled in and kicked straight away making it clear with 2 others. I was on full gas for the entire break and was glad when another rider joined us to reduce the workload. We had a good crack and managed to get a reasonable gap but all good things come to a end. Not too long after, I punctured mid field due to a safety pin left on the track. I was able to borrow a wheel and get back into the race thanks to BikeForce team on the sideline (they also repaired my puncture). Canard had a rider clear so I was able to sit in and get used to the feel of the new wheel around corners and this is how it stayed for the rest of the race. There was plenty of yelling but no one was working together and the break stayed clear (unfortunately our rider crashed out). 1 lap to go Eddie launched on the back straight and instantly created a massive gap. Gaps appeared everywhere as the bunch blew apart (including me) but I rounded the last corner in time to see Eddie roll over the line winning the bunch kick taking 4th overall.

P.S. Due to all the rushing around changing wheels during the race, unfortunately my clean bar tape is no longer so.

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