Sunday, 12 February 2012

SKCC Team TTT - B Grade

Sunday was my first Team Time Trial (TTT) and though only the odd person chose to ride a TT bike/bars/helmet/skin suit, it was on from the get go with good prize money up for offer. B grade had 7 teams entered with Canard representing strongly with 2 team. After the standard quick B grade crit beforehand, I had tried to save the legs in order not to let my team mates down. The distance was 10 x 1km laps of the crit course with the plan of trying to maintain a 45km/h average. We started off a little slow but held to our strategy and finished strongly on the last lap finishing in a time of 13min45 (only 35s behind the winners). Overall we had averaged 45km/h with my heart rate at  averaging 174bpm and maxing at 187max. 

Official Photos here
Results here

Men's B Grade TTT (10 Laps)
1. 13:10 Hawthorn Cycling Club
2. 13:32 Giant Celtic Race Team
    13:32 Racing for Canard#1
4. 13:39 The Kings Men
5. 13:42 Melbourne Uni CC
6. 13:45 Racing for Canard #2
7. 13:46 Team Wynn's


  1. Definitely didn't let the team down, nice work!

  2. Well done mate. Couldn't quite get the MUcyc guys at the end there. Very close in the end though, just 14 seconds between second and seventh.