Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My trip to Perth

Well, I thought I might escape for a few days to a warmer climate.  I even hired a bike to get me around and boy what a dream it was to ride. The 9 speed Shimano Sora gear set changed like a manual Holden Commodore being driven without using the clutch. After riding the beach road equivalents in Melbourne, Adelaide and now Perth, the best views were easily in Perth. It is too bad the roads aren't very bike friendly with more glass on the road than after a Saturday night in Frankston and cyclists being few and far between. I unfortunately didn't join one was the big bunch rides, as I had prior commitments drinking in the Swan Valley and spending time catching up with family and friends. Feral Brewery is always good for a quiet ale with some quality brews & bar snacks. The perfect way to unwind after a stressful day tasting wine. By the way, I recommend the Sittella Cab Sav.
On visiting the real Little Creatures in Fremantle (my favorite brewery), unfortunately I tripped up the stairs (while I was sober) breaking two toes which meant a weekend off the bike for me. It looked a lot worse than it was as it took me till the next day to realise what I had done.
Now it is time to ready myself for the 3 day Tour (the Gippsland version) over the long Queen's birthday  weekend and brace myself for the sub zero temperatures in Victoria. On a side note, my new ergo training sessions which include 30s intervals at 100% effort almost caused me to throw up at the gym. I was even at the point of looking for an escape route which means I probably had the intensity levels spot on.

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