Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A beginners guide?

I have been told that I should no longer call these words of wisdom a beginners guide. Not that I consider myself highly experienced or even that good, but I have learn't most of the basics. Sunday marked my 2nd completion of Around The Bay and this year I didn't train for it but used it as training. In fact, I did 2.5 hours in the Dandenong's the day before and the day after, rolled out 60k's of recovery.
(Slightly heavier circa 2008)

A lot has changed in the 1.5 years I have been riding a road bike. For example:
- My bike and parts collection is ever growing and my mountain bike is rusting out the back balcony
- I am a little too comfortable in Lycra
- I feel the need to constantly talk to strangers about my legs
- If I don't ride my bike for more than 1 day, I get frustrated and easily upset
- I have lost 20kg, but eat more than ever
- I log my ride data religiously and share my stats with co-workers
- Did I mention my legs?
(D Grade 2010)

I like to thanks my girlfriend for understanding, coming to races, taking photos and putting up with my leg hair in the bath. I'd also like to thank anybody I have ridden with that has helped me out while I learned the basics and still while while I hone my skills further in B grade. Thanks to Shane Dove and Nick Jehu for convincing me to start racing back in 2010 and making me join the Wellington Cycling job. Also to my coach of recent months for telling it like it is, and yes maybe I should drink less and not eat a family block of snack every night. Oh well, onwards ho to my two big Cycling Victoria events (yes it is C grade still).
 (My guns, present day)

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