Saturday, 22 October 2011

SKCC Crits - B Grade (Bike Force Race Points Series #1)

Today was the first race of the Bike Force Points Series which combined with the great weather meant there was a massive turn out of 70 riders (unlike just the hard men who raced the week before in the poor conditions). Two pre-race coffees and before I knew it I was on the starting line rearing to go. With the control lap completed, the race was on and it didn't halter all the way to the finish (normally there is lulls after 20mins after the start and one before the end). This was by far the quickest B grade race of the season with an average speed of 44km/h with one lap peaking at 49. Throughout the race there seemed to be a few issues with everyone rounding the first corner and riders being pushed out past the cones on a number of occasions.

An early break got away but with such a large field, it never had much chance and was eventually pulled in. The intermediate sprints helped mixed up the race but I was too far back and a bit cautious after a crash in the bunch. From here on in, I was on the back and working hard to keep my position while other riders dropped off. By the end, my lines in the last corner were a lot cleaner but due to the elastic band affect, I was still working very hard and content to finish another race safely in the peleton. Next time, my goal is to move up near the pointy end and make my life a lot more easier. Two more post race coffees, and I was ready to roll out a relaxed 40kms while the sun shined and my eye twitched. When I got home, I treated myself  to a nice mexican parma at the local to refuel for the week ahead.

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