Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fun in the Dandenongs - Inverness Rd

I had some fun this morning doing repeats on Inverness Rd. A 2.8km climb with an average of almost 9%. A limited nights sleep and a large amount of vino the night before weren't going to play to my advantage. First time up I was trying to match the pace of a few other riders but was unaware it was only going to get worse. I noticed at one point my Garmin was showing a gradient of 23% which probably explained why my heart rate hit 191bpm as they other riders rode away.

The descent was a lot of fun, not flat out fast but was still a great experience for me with nice smooth sweeping corners. The next few times up I took it a little easier and was glad my training bike had a compact gear set on it. I will be back as this was a great training loop and is perfect preparation for the Stratford to Dargo later in the year.

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