Sunday, 8 May 2011

Phillip Island Cycling Grand Prix - C Grade

Today was my largest race to date, 70km which equaled 16 laps of the grand prix circuit. It was a large field of approx 90 starters with most riders wearing shop kits and me, a single Wellington rider representing. Speed was steady all day averaging a touch over 38km/h which almost seemed to halve the field by the end. I was fairly active early on at the front and accidentally rode off solo at one stage in my usual fashion.
 This all started to take its toll and as I could see the likelihood of a break away being fairly low, I moved to the back of the field to chill. I also realized I hadn't brought any food/gels which would have helped. The climb grew larger with each lap and I could feel the muscles in my legs starting to tighten each time the pace increased.
As the bell signaled the last lap, everyone was on edge and starting to jostle for position. I made my way to the front multiple times but everyone was continually rotating over taking up the whole width of the track. I hit the climb in the big ring and held my position up the hill, but by the time we hit the main straight I had slipped. I managed to roll through just behind the top 10 which I thought was a solid effort. Next time I will bring some gels and with a bit more structured training ,will hopefully place in C grade before I know it.

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