Thursday, 28 April 2011

Easter Training Summary - Heavy Legs Part 2

I have managed to maintain a stable weight of easter which is not a bad effort considering I have destroyed a whole bunny in single sitting. It might be explained by my following training plan:
Friday          - 60km Mordiallic return
Saturday      - 90km Stockdale loop
Friday          - 35km RAAF base/town lap
Monday       - 90km Stockdale loop
Tuesday       - 60km Mordiallic return
Wednesday  - 90km Frankston return
Thursday      - 90km Frankston return
Friday          - 60km Mordiallic return (there wasn't much left in my legs today)

That's a bit over 550km's burning approx 10,000 calories in total. The other key benefit is maintaining my cycling tan into the start of winter. The only downside is the cost of food that is required to feed me. 

The red training bike has finally been serviced after approx 15,000k's of neglect receiving a well needed new chain and cassette (it'll never be this shiny again). It feels like new and unfortunately I have no reason not to train on it now.

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