Sunday, 17 April 2011

Dumpling roulette - a non cycling related post

 I am not sure what you and your friends do for fun, but on Saturday arvo mine played dumpling roulette. Dumpling roulette is loosely based on shotgun roulette, but instead of bullets there is loaded dumplings with all kinds of fillings. Here is the brief guide to the delicacies we were facing:
- pork
- chicken
- chilli pork or chicken
- wasabi pork or chicken 
- chilli & wasabi (with something else you couldn't taste)
- sour worms
- gummi bears
- centuary egg
- salted egg
- black bean herrings
- peanut butter, chocolate chip and coconut
- sheep's heart (was hidden from the chiefs as no one was to keen)

As you can see from the facial expressions, it was obvious when people got the special dumplings. The more concerning rule was that a dumpling was required to be completely finished once started.
 The only savior was ice cold beer and shots of jager. The cook had a strange obsession of having shots from various contraptions including chocolate bunnies, tupperware containers and jam jars. In fact, I found a shot glass which he bluntly refused and chose to use a small soy dipping container. Maybe the wasabi had got to him.......

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