Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Defensive Cycling: a beginers guide

The more you cycle, the more likely you are to eventually bite the bitumen based on the number of hours you are riding exposing yourself to any number of threats. For examples here are some I have seen over Easter:

- animals including wild life (emu's, kangaroos) and dogs
- cars (the most dangerous beast of all, one skidded to a halt behind us today scaring the bejesus out of me)
- other cyclists including just plain angry human beings and beginners like myself
- obstacles on the road including glass, stones, oil, water and cow poop (if your in the country) 
- fog (if you can't see the car, its a sure bet it can't see you)

You can reduce the exposure as much as possible by riding within your limits, not overlapping wheels, maintaining your equipment and always making sure you keep your thumbs under your bars. But this is no reason not to ride as the benefits far outweigh the risks. I blame this post on the recent work safety programs I have undertaken. The most important thing is to get home safely so you can re-fuel and go riding again!!!

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