Sunday, 3 April 2011

CCCC Glenvale Crit: C Grade . New track and new pain face

 It was good to ride a new track today and a new Grade. Unfortunately I had to wear a not very fashionable fluro green head band, signifying that I was a newbie but at least it matched my bike. I had no real game plan today except to sit in and get comfortable with the circuit and practice pain faces for the camera. This is only because last week I was told off for smiling because racing is serious business. It was a great little square circuit with wide corners which allowed for some higher speeds. Overall we managed a average of 40km/h.
It was kept interesting with a constant stream of people trying to break away, I had a bit of a dip to keep things interesting but as usual nothing would stick and it came down to a sprint finish. I went a bit early on the last lap (again) and was first through  last corner but couldn't hold on for even a place. I manged to finish comfortable inside the top 10, but it is probably time to start some more dedicated sprint training. Luckily I got chatting to Steele von Hoff from the Genesys Pro Cycling team yesterday and got some tips. Time to practice my 3 out and back just at Bill Dove told us in Adelaide.

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