Sunday, 17 April 2011

CCCC Glenvale Crit: C Grade. The finale.

It was on from the get go today. I started off the line chasing a rider and before I knew it we were in a 4 person break (I can't say 4 man break, as there was a female in the group). Riders came and went, we were working together fairly well and at one stage almost out of view from the main bunch. It was tough and I wasn't getting much coverage from the fellow escapees which made it that much tougher. 20 minutes later we were finally swallowed up by the peloton.

Back racing with the bunch, I finally felt confident cornering hard in a pack 4-5 wide, holding and steeling wheels with the best of them. After going a tad early the other week, I stayed in the bunch on the last lap finding a reasonable wheel (not the best, but I was still moving forward & if your not moving forward your going backwards). The pace was one with the pack chasing down a couple of people upfront before a big sprint finish. Unfortunately I had left it a little late and had no clear road rolling through 6th but not too far behind the winners. Overall speed average was a huge 41km/h (and this is C grade) which was my fastest race to date with the last lap hitting a massive average of 48km/h showing the strength of the group. Bring on the winter road season and Around the Bay as I organise the work team which will see setting up regular training rides around Melbourne.

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