Sunday, 22 May 2011

Time trials - 20km's of pain

Today I gave time trialling a go. It basically meant going as hard as you can personally go for the designated 20km. I am not sure how fun it was and how I actually went as they havn't posted the results yet. Today I at least looked pro in my new wind vest warming up on my trainer. Maybe it didn't look so pro when my bike jumped out of the trainer but at least no one saw that.
It didn't help that I was first out in C grade but at least I didn't get passed by anyone. I felt like I went good as I rode to my plan at my anaerobic threshold for the entire time and ramped up slightly for the last few kilometers. It wasn't a world record time, but it is a bench mark for too beat in the future. I also learned that their is hills in Yarra Blvd, it looked flatter on paper. Today was also a lesson in how much kit I was lacking. I at least need a new TT bike, a full disc, skin suit and a fancy smancy helmet. Plus perhaps if I ask the missus nicely, a power meter would be nice too.

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