Saturday, 30 July 2011

The race of truth - Kew Boulevard ITT C Grade - 3rd Place

The say the individual time trial is the race of truth, but sometimes the truth hurts. Today I had the aim of bettering my time from my previous attempt a couple of months ago given all the dedicated training and racing I have completed. Conditions were great besides from a wet road with a light breeze going out and the sun was shining.

I had a few simple ideas: keep my heart rate at my anerobic threshold (AT), attack the climbs and just hurt the whole way. On the way out and passed my first rider ahead of me and I had my sights on the next. Unfortunately this wasn't to be but I am hoping that I may have gained some time on him, but it is hard to tell. By the stage, the A grade were unleashed on the track and these guys rode past me like I was standing still. The sound of a full rear disc is a unique sound and it was one I heard constantly heard passing me.
I rode hard and to my plan managing to beat my old time. Unfortunately this was only by 10-20 seconds which was a little disappointing but I was content there as wasn't a huge amount left (it took me a little while to recover). I am looking forward to seeing the results as unfortunately I couldn't stick around afterwards.


  1. Hey - 10-20seconds is still better than your last time! Keep up the good work and the results will follow.

  2. yeah, i ended up getting 3rd place (i only missed 2nd by 1sec)