Sunday, 24 July 2011

What hurts more than cycling?

The answer is 2 days of snowboarding. I spent the weekend up at Mt Hotham learning to board for the first time. By the end of the first day and the beginners lesson, I was able to complete the beginners Summit run doing falling leaf all the way to the bottom without falling over. I thought this was good progress and that the pain so far was worthwhile.
The second's day lesson was far harder learning to complete turns which meant a lot of falling and besides from completing a few right turns, lefts turns alluded me. Lunch time beers at Swindlers bar were the perfect form of carbohydrate to keep me firing for the afternoon. With the combination of fresh air, sun and snow these beers went down a treat. I finished the day with a few more runs of Summit practicing falling leaf before giving up as I could barely lift myself up of the ground. Today I woke up and I could barely walk, I had massive issues with stairs and it took a lot of effort just to climb out of the car. Perhaps I should stick to cycling and leave the snow to the rich. Next time I climb Mt Hotham it will be on my bike and hopefully a bit warmer..............

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