Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Coffee and Port Melbourne

After a good 50+km ride on a Saturday morning ride to Mordy, I enjoy nothing better than sitting around in my sweaty lycra and entering fancy cafes for a coffee (or two). After much debate, here are my coffee recommendation in Port Melbourne. I decided to use my highly stringent & patented rating system:
  • 3/3 is great tasting with great presentation (latte art is important to the taste of the coffee)
  • 2/3 is a good tasting cuppa
  • 1/3 is on par with McCafe.

I am open to others people opinions, and will update as I see fit. Cheers.

Moulin Noir
Seven Am

Salford Lads Club 

My Sisters Keeper
Velvet Bar 

I don't think is possible, otherwise they would be out of business.

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