Saturday, 12 March 2011

SKCC D Grade - Now you see me, now you don't

The hard yards over the last year has finally paid off with my first two places in cycling occurring in the same week - a 3rd place in the Wellington Cycling Club mid-week handicap & 2nd today in the St Kilda D grade crits. Last week I learned a good lesson that I was able to put into practice. I knew I was quick enough for a clean breakaway and strong enough to (hopefully) hold on, I just needed to sort my timing and for once I managed to restrain myself from sitting at the front posing for photographs and also saving energy form not chasing down the early breaks (unfortunately one stuck and that's why how I ended up with 2nd). 

When the time came, I probably went a little early but it ended up playing into my hands as no one took me seriously. I went hard sprinting from the middle of the bunch, past the front and onwards into a painful no mans land. Looking behind me, no one had made the jump and I was clear to get on with the job of inflicting pain to myself and more importantly to the others chasing me.   

At one stage I thought I was caught but it was only B grade rolling by. I managed to stick it out and reap the rewards of victory. Rewards vary for some, I was lucky that I had earlier made a pact with my biggest fan (and girlfriend) that if I placed I was finally allowed to shave my legs and finally completing the transformation from a person who rides a bike to a cyclist. I also get the pleasure of moving up a grade continuing my honorable pursuit into the word of cycling. Now I am off  to check the letter box as I am waiting for my Gillette sponsorship to arrive so can I afford to maintain my stunning pins.

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