Saturday, 19 March 2011

Preparation for the Stratfford to Dargo - a pleasant Sunday in the country

Tomorrow is the local Stratford to Dargo, the trial race before the big one closer to the end of 2011. For a great review of last years, read Judith's write up at Cycling Tips. The main difference for me tomorrow (as local B grader) is the race stops at Dargo and doesn't climb the infamous wall, which after racing for 90+kms has reduced many great riders to bicycle pushes. But if I am feeling up for the challenge, I may attempt it anyway to see what the fuss is all about. But here is a quick summary of my preparation.

1) Upgrade my equipment
As there is some decent hills, I have decided to invest in a new rear cassette with more suitable gearing for the climbs. I swapped over the standard 12-23 which is a great flat racing cassette to a 11-28, the key being the 28 is far easier to climb the hills than the 23. This task was surprisingly easy for a pencil pusher with right tools being a Chain whip, a lockring tool and  of course a decent write up online
2) Fuel 
Just as a car requires petrol, I require energy mainly in the form of complex carbohydrates (unfortunately beer isn't complex enough, even the imported types) . Therefore tonight, I will have a massive bowl of pasta and tomorrow I will actually eat breakfast. Then just before and during the race, I will be constantly snacking on gels, bananas, sport drinks and expensive muesli bars.

3) A quiet night

Other than that, I will limit myself to a few scotch and cokes tonight and the rest is up to my legs tomorrow.

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