Thursday, 3 March 2011

Heavy legs and looking onwards to Friday

This week has been flat out on the bike with a few decent intervals on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday smash fests with the SEMC and finally to top it off, Wednesday night racing.  Click here to see my Link to my Garmin file.

Wednesday night was one of my hardest efforts to date with my heart averaging 174 bpm at approx. 37km/h. I spent a large amount of time at the bottom of my V02 max zone ( Great document on heart rate zones ) and hopefully like everyone else, was doing it tough. But it was great to survive and hang onto the back of A grade as they rocketed past.

Friday brings rest and more importantly after work drinks. And yes, I am aware that a good Friday night session will most likely end up in Melbourne's China town  for cheap Chinese at a place that accepts large groups and slabs. Luckily on Saturday I have a gentle coffee ride planned along Beach Rd with the hope that on Sunday I will ready to race the SKCC crits in South Melbourne.

P.S. I am reading a great book that I'd recommended to any cyclist, Bike Snob NYC (Check this out). It is very dry and surprisingly right up my alley .

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